There are four different rooms for rental at Kulturhuset i Oslo. From day to day, the house is filled with activities such as: concerts, debates, quizzes, art installations, story recitals, markets, festivals, seminars and dance exhibitions. We can also host gatherings, meetings or birthday celebrations in our four different bars over three floors.

1st floor. Hovedrommet & Matbaren

Soup and bread m/Ane Brun - FOTO: Jan Khür

Matbaren - FOTO: Jan Khür

Hovedrommet seats up to 180 people sitting or 350 standing.

The stage is 5x4 meters and is equipped with a professional light and sound system (see “Pricelist” for details). The stage can be extended to 6x4 meters if needed.

The room is well suited for open events, such as concerts and seminars, with a view to the backyard and access to both “Hovedbaren” and “Matbaren”.

Regrettably, we don’t rent out Hovedrommet on weekend evenings.

You can find “Hovedrommet” and “Matbaren” on the first floor.


2nd floor. Boksen & Ølbaren & Biblioteket

boksen - FOTO: Jan Khür

Biblioteket - FOTO: Jan KHur

Boksen is an airy concert venue with a high ceiling contributing to the acoustics.  It can hold 90 people seated, or 120 standing.

The room is ideal for a multitude of events. Small meetings, big gatherings, conferences, debates, launches, exhibitions, concerts, social dancing and much more. The venue is equipped with a professional light and sound system.

Boksen is not available for rental during evenings on weekdays.

Boksen is located on the second floor.

Ølbaren and Biblioteket

Ølbaren boasts a wide selection of things we are not allowed to mention here. Come down and take a look, we would be happy to serve you!

Biblioteket is a very cozy and airy room facing the east side of the building. This room is filled with books, and is a great place to lean back and relax with a glass or a book in hand.

Ølbaren and Biblioteket is located on the second floor.


2nd floor. Det Hemmelige Rommet

Det Hemmelige Rommet - FOTO: jan KHUR


A small, intimate room hidden in the library that is ideally provisioned for small meetings, brainstorming or interviews.

The room is simply equipped with whiteboard, screen, canvas and a meeting table.

Biblioteket and Det Hemmelige Rommet are located on the second floor.



3nd floor. Laboratoriet & Spillbaren

Laboratoriet - FOTO: Jan Khür

Spillbaren - FOTO: Jan Khür


Laboratoriet is a separate venue with a view over “drivhuset” and the back yard. It can hold 90 people seated/ 120 standing

With a highly professional sound system this room is perfect for concerts, performances, debates, social gatherings listening sessions. Classic Album Sunday is one of our regular monthly events in Laboratoriet. The room has the biggest projector screen in the house meaning it’s also popular for film screenings. 

Laboratoriet is not available for rental on weekday evenings.

Laboratoriet is located on the third floor.