- The house is equipped with an elevator and has a good accessibility to all areas. All floors have the necessary facilities. Assistants paperwork is accepted on all events on the house.

Can I sign up to a guestlist?

- We unfortunately don’t use a guestlist, make sure you’re easy as it’s first come first served!

Do you serve food?

- Matbaren on the first floor offers a wide selection of warm and cold meals, pastries and all day until 11pm (except Sundays, 5pm).

Can you bring food to Kulturhuset?

- Unfortunately not, but we have a wide selection of meals available in Matbaren which you can take with you anywhere in the house.

Can I reserve a table during an event?

- Unfortunately, we operate a first come first served policy.

Where do I buy tickets to an event?

- Tickets can be purchased at

How many shuffleboards can be booked in advance?

- Max 2 shuffleboards for 2 hours.

Can I reserve rooms on the weekend?

- Sadly, we don’t take reservations on weekend evenings.

How can I recover lost property?

- Send an email to and let us know what you’ve lost!

- PS: Lost property only stays at Kulturhuset for two weeks after the date we find it. After this time period, we donate it to charity.

Can I bring my dog to Kulturhuset?

- Although we’re very fond of dogs, we sadly can’t allow them inside the building due to the possibility of allergies and the fact that we serve food. Notice we say inside, bringing your dog into the backyard area is absolutely allowed, however, please remember a leash and that you’re responsible for how your dog interacts with other guests.