Norway’s most active and varied cultural institution has evolved! We are now even bigger, wider and more spacious than before. We’re proud to have more rooms, a lovely backyard, a kitchen to feed all guests and last but not least, a new address. Fortunately just a few blocks from where we were previously located, we can now be found at, “Youngs Gate 6”, just around the corner from the historical Youngstorget.

The essence of the house is the same as ever: to bring people together.

Be it during the day or the night,  to attend one of our diverse range of events, or simply to unwind with your friends, or colleagues over a drink or a game. Our focus during the evening is experiences based, whether it’s a concert, social dancing, a DJ set, beer tasting, games or mingling and all other cultural pleasures that comes with it.

Since Kulturhuset first opened its doors to the public in June 2013, we have established ourselves as Oslo’s most premier cultural meeting point with over 5000 arrangements to date.

It all started as a three year temporary project in a building that would be demolished,  which became an important institution to the people of Oslo. Together with Olav Thon, Kulturhuset has put 50 million kronor into a major renovation project on a four story townhouse for our permanent use.

Day and night, all 2000 m2 is now alive with debates, concerts, dance, nightlife, bars, sharing of knowledge, games, coffee and food. We are also proud to say we are Oslos most social open office community.

We hope  to expand and continue to be Norway’s most active culture house. But what’s new?

  • In house kitchen which offers reasonable, healthy and sustainable food - all day and night!

  • The appropriate infrastructure for streaming, podcasting or video recording as well as the possibility to send video recording from one of our stages to one or more rooms in the house.

  • Bigger Hovedrom (350 standing/180 seated)

  • Boksen and Laboratoriet (120/90) is bigger than before with a 6 meter high ceiling.

  • A new open venue “Biblioteket” (80/50)

  • A smaller meeting room for 11.

  • A cozy backyard

Besides being a vibrant meeting place for everyone, the house has many possibilities for both you as a guest and us your hosts including the opportunity for more open or closed arrangements, as a private person a company or an organisation.



Foto: Jan Khur


Foto: Jan Khur


How to find us

Youngs gate 6, 0181, Oslo

Public transport to Kulturhuset:

Tram: Kirkeristen or Brugata tram stop

Subway: Jernbanetorget

Bus: Brugata or Hammersborggata