Breakfast and brunch. Lunch and Munch - one day at Kulturhuset.

In order to feed a full house from morning until late evening, we had to go beyond a single culinary concept day in, day out. We have therefore decided to focus on each meal separately.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Munch. Within these categories we make food we appreciate during the different times of the day. Simple food comprised of honest ingredients. Most of the food we make ourselves in house, but occasionally we also cooperate with dedicated, local producers and buy from them.

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Breakfast & Brunch - weekdays 8am – 11am / weekends 11am – 5pm

Every day at Kulturhuset starts with a steady breakfast. You simply pick your favourites from the menu and we’ll put it together. This approach enables you to choose from organic eggs from Holte with homemade parmesan salt, banana with agave syrup, toasted almonds and poppy seeds, italian prosciutto cotto, homemade apple and sea buckthorn jam, butter from Røros and freshly baked bread from Åpent Bakeri. A breakfast worth getting out of bed for, even on a rainy Monday. 

We also have freshly baked pastries and organic yoghurt from Røros with homemade jam and granola.

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Lunch - weekdays 11am – 6pm

We make fresh sandwiches to order. Classics such as Bahn Mi or Hawaii, along with vegan and vegetarian goodies.

We also have a selection of freshly made salads in our fridge among other delicious treats, why not try a classic Norwegian baguette/ blings with brown cheese?

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Munch – weekdays 6pm – 11pm / weekends 5pm – 11pm

Local and well travelled cheese and cured meats. Small meals and snacks. Toast and yummy sides.

Just like you ordered breakfast, grab a pen and cross of your favourites along with your name. We’ll put it together and call out your name when ready.

Welcome to Matbaren on the first floor at Kulturhuset.


Events and bigger groups

For bigger events there is an own menu, and unique guidelines when it comes to ordering and service. Feel free to visit our arrangement page for more info!

You’ll find the arrangements menu here: